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The Equality Lounge is powered by the Female Quotient, an organization that creates experiential pop-ups at global conferences, corporations and college campuses where people of all races, genders and backgrounds can unite to activate change together.

The Female Quotient
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These sessions include conversations from retail companies on workplace diversity as a top priority in 2021. Discussions range from strategies for women on how to vocalize finance and leadership goals at work to how offices can remove a mental health stigma by focusing on employee health.

The Equality Lounge sessions are open to all pass holders of this virtual event.


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Monday, June 21

1:00pm1:30pm EST

​The pursuit of a diverse and inclusive workplace

1:00pm1:30pm EST
To help meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world — and the expectations of an increasingly social-minded consumer base — retailers need to look inward and evaluate their current practices and culture. Join us for a conversation as we discuss where D&I fits in reinvention priorities in 2021 and where retailers should invest and make improvements.

Stephanie Martz

Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel
National Retail Federation

Tuesday, June 22

1:00pm1:30pm EST

​From SHEcession to SHEcovery: The comeback of women in the workplace

1:00pm1:30pm EST
The SHEcession, otherwise known as the increased effects of job and income losses on women, is more prevalent than ever before. In this conversation, we look at the ways COVID-19 has impacted women at work, and offer tangible solutions for companies to support them in their comeback to the workforce.
Anisha Raghavan

Anisha Raghavan

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Brands Americas
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Eve Rodsky

Eve Rodsky

Best Selling Author of Fair Play
Fair Play

Wednesday, June 23

1:00pm1:30pm EST

​ Why improving mental health Is a no-brainer

1:00pm1:30pm EST
Research estimates that 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health issue over the course of their careers. How can leaders and organizations help end the stigma and improve workplace mental health? In this panel, we explore ways we can drive change and acceptance in the workplace.

Thursday, June 24

1:00pm1:30pm EST

​​Financial confidence: How to have empowered conversations around money

1:00pm1:30pm EST
As women, we will never reach equality and rise into top leadership positions if we don’t learn how to talk about money and power, and how to better understand our finances. Join us for a conversation as we discuss why financial empowerment and women’s empowerment go hand in hand and how to grow your financial confidence.

Friday, June 25

1:00pm1:30pm EST

​Hacking diversity: How to retain talent when change is the only constant

1:00pm1:30pm EST
Despite the best intentions, many organizations still fail at attracting, promoting and retaining diverse talent. This begs the question: Is there a better way? Hear how organizations can make the right investments in the right people, especially during these uncertain times.