Echosec Systems

Echosec Systems
Victoria, BC

Echosec Systems provides retail organizations with a wide breadth of publicly available data ranging from well-known social media sites to niche discussion forums and dark web marketplaces. With advanced keyword and image detection filters, Echosec users can monitor for threats and get high-priority alerts when specific content is detected.

Global security and intelligence teams trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about events as they unfold. Whether it’s an active threat, a natural disaster, or a planned attack against a high-risk individual, Echosec provides context and real-time information that helps mitigate risks, minimize damage, and keep people and organizations safe.

Be sure to pay us a visit if you: 

  • Need better visibility into online security threats

  • Have products/information are susceptible to online fraud

  • Want to increase situational awareness in crisis events

  • Need to bolster your security investigations