Kiosk Association (KMA)

Kiosk Association (KMA)
Westminster, CO
United States

Kiosk Industry and the Kiosk Association (aka KMA) lead efforts to optimize self-service engagements and engagement outcomes using information technology such as kiosks. QSR Self-Order Kiosks, Drive Thru Kiosks, Menu Boards, Touchless Touch Screens, Smart lockers and smart vending examples given. The Kiosk Association is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC and is involved in Cardholder Activated Terminals or CATs. Non-EMV payment methods such as paying by QR code are other options. We help inform on ADA and accessibility considerations whether kiosk interface, online ordering or mobile phone ordering. We work with the U.S. Access Board in this regard. Over 50 companies and 500 solutions from digital signage to kiosks are represented. Point-of-Sale which is customer-facing as well.

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Our Gold Sponsors are: Olea Kiosks, Inc., KioWare, Pyramid Computer, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., Nanonation, KIOSK Information Systems, Kiosk Group, Vispero, Zebra, AUO, 22Miles, LG Electronics Business Solutions, Panasonic Restaurant Solutions