Shopopop is a peer to peer delivery platform. We answer the last mile issue thanks to a community of individuals delivering doing deliveries on their daily commuting. 
More than an innovative start up concept, our delivery system has al ready convinced all major grocery retailers in France (Carrefour, Intermarché, E.Leclerc, Systeme U, Casino, Auchan...) already implemented in more than 1000 shops across France. After more than 800k deliveries completed with an average rating of 4,8/5, we successfully launched operations in Italy, Belgium and Portugal. More countries will be available in the next few month.

Our concept, is very appropriate for physical retailers willing to ship from store in a +15km range, deliveries are completed within 2h or on specific time frame defined by the client. The delivery success goes beyond 99%. Initially very focused on groceries/ supermarket, we are now able to deliver everything that fits in a trunk, textile, stationery, pet food, some DIY,  automobile parts, flowers,...