These frequently asked questions are designed to answer attendee inquiries regarding the details of NRF Retail Converge. From questions pertaining to event networking to sessions to the platform itself, you’ll find all the answers here.


What are the networking opportunities?

1. Schedule virtual face-to-face meetings through the Schedule a Meeting platform with other attendees or sponsors (depending on registration type).
2. Chat with attendees or sponsors through the Schedule a Meeting platform (depending on registration type).
3. Use the chat feature, available in every session, to connect with other attendees.
4. Join Roundtable Discussion Rooms for small group conversations. (Based on availability; open to retailers only.)

Is Matchmaking open to everyone?

Matchmaking is only available to retailers and sponsors. Non-retailers do not have matchmaking capabilities but can schedule meetings with other non-retailers or sponsors.

When can meetings be scheduled?

Meetings can take place 24/7 throughout the event, June 21-25, allowing you to meet in your desired time zone.

Who can I schedule meetings with?

All attendees and designated sponsor representatives can schedule meetings with each other. Your registration type determines who you can schedule meetings with.

Is video chat available for my meeting?

Yes, video chat is available during a meeting.

How long will a scheduled meeting last once the meeting has begun?

Meetings are set for 15 minutes, however they will last as long as there are still people in the meeting.


What is the difference between a Keynote and Featured Session?

Keynotes are headlined by one speaker and focus on the speaker's vision and mission. Most Featured Sessions dive into a specific topic and include several speakers sharing their insights.

What are Exhibitor Big Ideas?

Exhibitor Big Ideas are sessions developed and produced by sponsors. View the full listing by clicking here. These sessions are open to all registrants.

Can I watch an Exhibitor Big Idea session with a Retail Free Pass or Marketplace Pass?

Yes, these sessions are open to all attendees. Click here to check out the full Exhibitor Big Ideas schedule.

What are Roundtable Discussion Rooms?

Roundtable Discussion Rooms are sponsored, video-based small group discussions exclusively for retailers. These are 30-minute sessions held on the Zoom platform, and are limited to 25 people. Everyone who attends should be prepared to be part of the conversation!

Are sessions translated?

Sessions are not being translated.

In which time zone do sessions take place? What if I’m in a different time zone?

All sessions take place in Eastern Standard Time (EST). All sessions will be available on demand beginning one hour after they conclude. All sessions will be available until July 25, 2021.

What happens if I miss a session?

Sessions will be available to view on demand an hour after they conclude. Sessions will also be available until July 25, 2021 (based on speaker approval).

Will all sessions be available on demand?

Yes, all sessions will be available on demand until July 25, 2021 (based on speaker approval).


Can I attend the event on a mobile device?

Yes, the event can be viewed on a mobile device and will be formatted for mobile viewing.

Does the event platform work while on VPN?

In order to avoid connectivity/performance issues, we highly recommend not accessing the event platform while using a VPN.

Is video chat available?

Video chat is available through the Schedule a Meeting/Networking platform.

How long will the virtual platform be available?

The platform will be available for on demand session viewing until July 25, 2021.

Are there any games where I can win prizes?

Yes, there are two games that are open to retailers only. The Engage Game is scored by earning points as you engage in activities on the platform. Retailers also earn points in the Network Game every time a meeting is requested and accepted with a sponsor.