Mojix product demo: Item-level traceability for food retailers

June 21
2:15 pm2:30 pm

Open to Retailers, VCs, Press and Analysts with a Full Conference or Retail Free Pass.

Grocery and QSR industries have much to benefit from digitization and serialization: from inventory automation to waste reduction, increasing sales and reducing costs. To get full leverage, however, you need item-level track-and-trace. But, exactly how granular can you get?

We know the sector's millions of units are low-margin and highly price-sensitive. At first glance, any attempt to add the price of a tag to an item is doomed to fail. Mojix, expert in item chain management for the retail and industrial sectors, offers a groundbreaking solution to this conundrum via virtual and physical tagging. Join us to find out how Supply Chain 4.0, implemented via a best-in-breed IoT platform, generates ROI.

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