Southeastern Grocers President & CEO, Anthony Hucker explores a future fueled by trust

June 22
3:30 pm4:00 pm
Three years before the Pandemic created seismic shifts in the grocery retail industry, Southeastern Grocers (SEG) embarked upon an equally dramatic journey of transformation. As a conventional grocer emerging from a mired past of financial and cultural instability, newly appointed CEO Anthony Hucker initiated a cultural transformation, guided by a commitment to putting people first, as the bedrock of the company’s long-term strategy. Four years later, SEG proudly points to consistently increasing, record-high trust scores among its associates as the catalyst for remarkable gains in business performance across the board. Most notably, the renewal of trust in the organization ideally positioned it to make all the right moves in guiding its customers and communities through the daunting challenges of 2020. Listen to Anthony unveil how a passion for building trust from within can create a bright future across the communities you serve.