What comes after the “New Normal?” Building a “Return to Work” wellbeing playbook

June 21
11:45 am12:15 pm
As summer kicks off with the promise of warm summer holidays spent in the company of friends and family, for many workers, this good news also means increased anxiety around returning to the physical workplace, and with it, the elevated emotional strain about the changes that await them. The American Psychological Association reports, nearly 50% of Americans say they are anxious about resuming in-person interactions once it is safe to do so, and those vaccinated against COVID-19 were just as likely to express unease at social interactions as those who haven't been vaccinated. After so much disruption and uncertainty, employees aren’t sure what to expect, and employers are struggling to anticipate how to smooth the transition. But one thing is certain: your organization’s successful response to work life post-pandemic will need to help everyone feel comfortable and adjust quickly. Above all else, the data makes it clear that showing employees you care about them (as well as their mental health) must be a key strategy in your return-to-work playbook. Join Lorna Borenstein, Founder and CEO of Grokker, and author of It’s Personal, the Business Case for Caring for a discussion about identifying and avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that await those welcoming an unprepared workforce back into the physical workplace, and the importance of putting employees’ wellbeing first.