Alexis DeSalva Kahler

Alexis DeSalva Kahler
Alexis DeSalva Kahler
Senior Analyst, Retail and eCommerce
Alexis is a Retail and eCommerce analyst at Mintel, where she focuses mostly on apparel (her passion). During her time at Mintel, Alexis has had the opportunity to interview industry leaders, including designer Rebecca Minkoff, speak at high-profile industry events, and participate in college lectures for various universities. She shares her retail knowledge and fashion opinion on the Mintel blog, where she runs a monthly series entitled Fashion Retail Radar, and has also shared her perspective on Mintel's Podcast, Little Conversation. Her expertise has been featured in publications such as Business of Fashion, CNBC, Glossy, The New York Times, Vogue Business, The Wall Street Journal, and Women's Wear Daily and she has been a guest on both Bloomberg Radio and NPR. Alexis has more than a decade of experience in the retail and fashion industry, and prior to joining Mintel, she previously held both merchant and analyst roles at national retailers.

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June 24
11:45 am12:15 pm

This discussion will focus on how changing consumer needs have influenced eCommerce models. The pandemic, in particular, accelerated trends and changed what consumers want and need and how businesses can interact and connect with consumers

The panel will discuss how brands and retailers are evolving their models to better meet the changing needs of their customers while continuing to… Read more