Armando Ortiz

Armando Ortiz
Vice President, Distribution Market Leader
Armando Ortiz is the IBM iX leader for the Distribution Market in North America. Armando and his teams deliver innovation and accelerate experiences forward for consumers and employees across three vibrant and rapidly evolving industries: retail, consumer products and travel/transportation. He has been in business and technology consulting for over 25 years delivering digital experiences and implementing enterprise transformation across many industries. At IBM iX we are Business Designers. We work at the intersection of enterprise strategy, creativity and technology to help our clients digitally reinvent their businesses. We put smart to work by delivering impactful experiences for employees and consumers powered by modern cloud platforms and today’s innovation including augmented intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, internet of things, blockchain and more. By focusing on consumer and employee experiences and building a culture of continuous innovation, every leader can drive their path forward and deliver greater impact. We at IBM iX are excited to be a part of this evolving consumer and employee experience journey and partner with leading platforms like Salesforce, Adobe, SAP CX, Samsung and Apple to help our clients accelerate forward in a time where standing still is not an option. Everyone must be an innovator, and everyone must embrace risk to create advantage and emerge stronger.

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June 24
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