Dr. Larry Barton

Dr. Larry Barton
Laurence Barton, LLC
Dr. Larry Barton is considered the most knowledgeable and respected authority in workplace violence prevention and mitigation. For 16 years he has worked closely with The FBI Academy in training law enforcement on new dynamics in threat assessment and he works with leading retailers on safety efforts in stores, DC’s and in the supply chain. He has managed over 3300 cases of stalking, suicidal ideation, disruptive behavior, threats and acts of violence and social unrest. His newest book, The Violent Person @ Work, focuses on the duty of care that retailers and others must enact when a person’s behavior, social networking posts or other factors emerge, including hot buttons such as Covid, hate speech and obsession with weapons. Larry is on call 24/7 to many of the world’s leading retailers and has created over 140 training programs for retailers to help employees at all levels unlock how they can be more situationally aware and engaged. He also focuses on failures by retailers to enact their own policies or effectively benchmark their peers on behavioral interview techniques and engagement of law enforcement, EAP programs and others- this program will outline these and other topics and will be permanently available to participants as a tool you may utilize without further licensing, saving you considerable cost by leveraging this subject matter expert. Larry is the Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida; you can read more at larrybarton.com or at Wikipedia: larry barton. During high profile acts of violence, Larry is the on-air commentator on CNBC and CNN.

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June 24
11:45 am12:30 pm
Workplace violence and threats have reached unprecedented levels and continue to rise as COVID-19 drags on. With throngs of people working from home, increased levels of stress, fatigue, and accompanying financial insecurity are endemic - and incidents of workplace violence have tripled. What do experts recommend for combatting rising threats? Situational awareness is solid first step. Paying… Read more