Jacob Zuppke

Jacob Zuppke
Jacob Zuppke
Jacob is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive. His passion for creative engineering solutions and innovative marketing campaigns has transformed a connected pet care company into one of the best-selling and highest-rated pet brands on the international market. Jacob is uniquely wired to solve problems: Whether it is increasing sales or overcoming engineering challenges, he is comfortable wearing many hats and embodying many roles. He is equally comfortable putting himself in the customer’s shoes, and emphasizes the importance of superior customer service in every business decision made. This cross-functional approach allows him to facilitate company growth from all aspects.

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June 23
11:45 am12:15 pm
As the customer preference for touchless experience grows, voice commerce is poised to revolutionize retail, much like smartphones did in the 2000s - and the internet in the 90s. Businesses trying to grow in the post-COVID era of retail will need to leverage voice technology to win over new digital customers and stay ahead of competitors. But while this technology holds great potential, retailers… Read more