Jay Norris

Jay Norris
CEO and Co-Founder
Guesst Software
Jay Norris, CEO of Guesst Software - The Technology Platform that Powers New Retail, has over 15 years in developing experiential marketing concepts. Jay started in the music industry developing multi-city tours and venues for top recording artists for Clive Davis’ Arista Record and others. In 1997, Jay started Tastemakers Media, which published a cutting-edge magazine throughout the US featuring the best retail & lifestyle offerings domestically and abroad. In 2005, Jay brought his expertise in lifestyle and experiential marketing to the commercial real estate tenant brokerage industry. Jay is a small to medium-size business growth executive at heart, continually looking to maximize resources, build relationships and identify growth opportunities. Jay has been effectuating Retail-Matchmaking in the analog space for a number of years, which has led to the founding of the GUESST® Platform.

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June 22
2:30 pm3:00 pm
As experts continue to debate the future of traditional retail, physical retail and the influence of experiences have undergone a reevaluation. The rise of ecommerce is undeniable and here to stay. But the power of in-person product discovery has its unique place in the retail ecosystem – and it's getting reimagined. In this session, executives discuss the future of physical retail and the… Read more