John Starke

John Starke
John Starke
Former VP, Business Development
John Starke was named VP business development in January 2020. John is responsible for overseeing business development responsible for pursuing growth opportunities and generating and executing impactful strategic partnership engagements with a particular focus on leading brands. Most recently, he was an entrepreneur focused on working with businesses on experience design and digital transformation, developing next generation digital and interactive platforms. Previously, John led business development at Expedia while it grew to become a global brand and where he played a key role in the creation and growth of the private label technology platform. Earlier in his career, John has held positions with Amdocs, Accenture and Ernst & Young. John earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and information systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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June 22
11:45 am12:15 pm
Online retailers have been chasing the ultimate goal of one-to-one marketing by developing individually-personalized messages for each customer--with amazing clickthrough rates...or so the dream goes! But AI is now pushing personalized marketing nirvana closer to reality. Find out how artificial intelligence is helping marketers optimize their data to improve message delivery along the customer… Read more