Rob Gaige

Rob Gaige
Rob Gaige
VP, Marketing
Rob has spent over 20 years in the marketing, innovation, and start-up space running brands in media, financial services, tech, gaming, packaged goods, and skincare. At Splitit, Rob is the VP of Marketing, leading global consumer and North America B2B. Prior to Splitit, Rob was a Managing Partner at sparks & honey, a consultancy that helps Fortune 500 companies quantify, predict and take action on cultural change. Rob oversaw sparks & honey’s consulting portfolio and SaaS platform (Q™), where his work has spanned the spirits, fashion, finance, auto, and technology categories, among others. As an entrepreneur, Rob raised $2MM in funding for his mobile citizen journalist startup and became an expert authority on journalism innovation, speaking on the topic at SXSW, the Columbia School of Journalism, Forbes, PBS, and The Huffington Post before successfully exiting his company in 2013. A veteran, Rob credits his time in the Navy for shaping his calm demeanor and love of the ocean, traits he’s hoping to pass on to his baby girl born this past summer.

Speaking in:

June 21
12:30 pm1:00 pm
We live in an endless swipe society, where shoppers can literally browse products forever. It’s not surprising then that shoppers spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase. So, how do you convince them to buy now? We’ll share learnings from our merchants on how they’re combatting this paralysis of choice and giving shoppers reasons to follow through on all… Read more
June 23
12:30 pm1:00 pm

With all the talk about financial sobriety brought about by the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that 2 in 5 consumers regularly shop for fun, amusement or stress relief. In this session, we’ll introduce you to the 5 shopstyles that Splitit uses to create unique experiences suited to consumers’ emotional and attitudinal approaches to shopping. From the treasure hunter to the… Read more

June 24
12:30 pm1:00 pm
We’ve all heard the stats: 70% cart abandonment. $4.6T in lost ecommerce sales. And as consumers move to mobile, browsing keeps going up, conversion keeps going down. In this session, we’ll focus on the 5 key pain points that drive the largest abandonment rates - with specific steps you can take to combat them.
June 25
12:30 pm1:00 pm

It's been said that every ecommerce business is a global business, whether they like it or not. So how do you manage the complexities of serving a global audience? From shipping and tariffs to varying shopper and payment profiles, we'll share the best practices of some of the most successful global ecommerce companies.

Statistic: 81% of shoppers research their product online before… Read more