Sid Martin

Sid Martin
Systems Analyst
Sid is full stack developer and systems analyst with two decades of experience developing software and deploying scalable solutions that drive growth and meet business objectives. Sid joined Origin / Jocko Fuel in 2018 to address and solve many technological challenges faced in modern manufacturing and e-commerce. Since 2018, Sid has continued to align technology projects, goals, and priorities with business/financial missions. He has done so by aggressively and persistently seeking to make improvements, anticipate needs, and set the team up for success through explosive year-over-year growth.

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June 24
1:45 pm2:15 pm
Ecommerce adoption has accelerated rapidly, making it more important than ever for retailers to integrate offline and online channels into a cohesive customer experience. Retailers need a comprehensive, up-to-date omnichannel strategy that considers how consumer needs and behaviors have changed, and recalibrates their understanding of their target audience. Join BigCommerce GM of… Read more