Tom Summerfield

Tom Summerfield
Tom Summerfield
Retail Director
With a background in digital transformation within retail, Tom is the Retail Director at Peak, the Decision Intelligence company. Like the rest of Peak, Tom is on a mission to help businesses use AI in a commercial setting to grow profits and revenue. In other words, to do great things with data. Recent projects include bringing AI and Machine Learning to Footasylum’s front-end marketing and supply chain strategy and marrying offline and online behaviors to make better informed decisions across the business.

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June 23
12:30 pm1:00 pm is building a world-class, customer-centric brand by providing market leading product choice and personalized customer experiences. In this session you’ll hear from Ben Hodson, Marketing Director at on how they are becoming the go-to digital retailer of building materials by leveraging AI-powered insights. Tom Summerfield from Peak AI will be sharing how they are… Read more