Mental Health/Well Being/Health and Wellness

June 21
11:45 am12:15 pm
As summer kicks off with the promise of warm summer holidays spent in the company of friends and family, for many workers, this good news also means increased anxiety around returning to the physical workplace, and with it, the elevated emotional strain about the changes that await them. The American Psychological Association reports, nearly 50% of Americans say they are anxious about resuming in-person interactions once it is safe to do so, and those vaccinated against COVID-19 were just as likely to express unease at social interactions as those who haven't been vaccinated.
June 22
10:30 am11:15 am
CVS Health has taken bold, purpose-led strides to make health care simpler, more affordable and more accessible. Consumers experience many of its innovations in its nearly 10,000 CVS Pharmacy locations, where you can not only pick up prescriptions, but access care for acute and chronic diseases and stock up on wellness products and better-for-you foods. Hear from CVS Pharmacy President Neela Montgomery about the company’s recent successes with its health and wellness efforts and its leading role in the country’s pandemic response, including COVID-19 testing and now vaccine rollout.
June 23
1:00 pm1:30 pm
Research estimates that 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health issue over the course of their careers. How can leaders and organizations help end the stigma and improve workplace mental health?
June 25
11:45 am12:15 pm
The next big thing in the healthcare ecosystem will be a customer-centric model of care. Everyday healthcare is evolving from more traditional medical office settings to retail, home and virtual-based options. The goal: to provide a better and more targeted experience for consumers that leverages daily life activities with home and virtual care services.